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Phoebe Power
Freitag, 23. Oktober, 14.30 Uhr

live-streaming talk / video - York, England

Die preisgekrönte britische Dichterin Phoebe Power (*1993) studierte Englische Literatur an der University of Cambridge und schloss ihr Masterstudium an der University of York ab, wo sie derzeit lebt. Ihre erster Gedichtband Shrines of Upper Austria wurde 2018 mit großem Erfolg veröffentlicht. Die Sammlung beschäftigt sich mit Themen wie Migration, globaler Erwärmung, Brexit und dem Zweiten Weltkrieg und wurde als "radikal Destabilisierung der Vorstellung von Grenzen" und als "überaus zeitgemäße Stimme" beschrieben.

Weitere Projekte im Jahr 2019 sind The Earth Fainted: Pages from a Future Fire und Once More the Sea, die auf die ökologischen und sozialen Folgen des Kohlebergbaus antworten. Ihr jüngstes Gedicht, A Corona, wurde vom Ledbury Poetry Festival in Auftrag gegeben und wurde online veröffentlicht.

Award-winning British poet Phoebe Power (*1993) studied English Literature at the University of Cambridge and completed her Masters at the University of York, where she is currently based. Her first full-length collection, Shrines of Upper Austria, was published in 2018 to critical acclaim. Engaging with varied themes including migration, global warming, Brexit and the Second World War, the collection has been described as ‘radically destabilising the notion of borders’ and an ‘utterly contemporary voice’.

Further projects in 2019 include The Earth Fainted: Pages from a Future Fire and Once More the Sea, responding to the environmental and social legacy of coal mining. Her most recent poem, A Corona, was commissioned by Ledbury Poetry Festival and appears online.


She used to faint, her hair
            flapping beside her, eyes
spinning back through her head.
       She grew an eating disorder like
a germ in a test tube, or a baby.
             Never said what was in her
soul, but left her pink lips
       prissed forward at us, to guard her.
Then she got thinner, till she was a slick
            question mark in a long dress.
At every stage, the pattern in her face
                                               faded more.

I saw her on the arm
            of a train operator. He was all
apologies and watches. Eventually
            she drew up a chair at the office herself
and went to work. She never missed a day.
                                               Then a shadow
drew down behind her eye.
She woke one Monday, and could not see
                                   through both her eyes.
They said
            a shadow has drawn down
behind this eye.
                        I saw her the next week at a party.
She didn’t mention it.
            Her eyes were just as big,
                        and bare, and blue as I remembered. 


my grandmother’s name was Chris.
ach ja – Christl.

a chrism, christ with a lemon tongue.
turquoise water inside a glass
wörthersee water
a crystal you take in your pocket or carry
touching your neck

a pair of blue and glass eyes
from a black and white portrait

a ring of yellow hair
in your army green cap

a baby lying over a stream

or the picture of a baby


Isis and Marija

Isis doesn’t like that her name sounds like
the terrorist group     Isis
from Colombia speaks Espagñol
will not 15 cause she will Peter Pan
the only girl in soft grey sweatpants
in the art class brushes
a waveshape, blue-violet-green
while the other kids draw in pencil first
a fish, a plant, a boat

Marija loves Isis; Marija needs friends, she dominates a friendship. Let’s go shopping! Isis is so funny girl. Both don’t speak so good german but are good in english, and understand all


Marija:  at this school I don’t learn anything! They just give us work and we don’t must do it. In my last school the teacher stand at the front we take notes we learn something. My mother come first from Croatia for one year. Then we all come. I live in a hotel, five minutes. I don’t like live in the hotel because I don’t can see my friends in my house. Isis has next week a party, pyjama party. We play games, talk, maybe go shopping, I don’t know. It’s really good.