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Lubi Barre

Samstag, 26. Oktober

19 Uhr - Studiobühne

Foto Martin Richartz

*Paris, Frankreich, aufgewachsen in Somalia und Kalifornien. 

Lubi Barre ist Dichterin und schreibt kreative Kurzgeschichten zu Sachthemen. Ihre Kurzgeschichte Goodbye wurde in der Anthologie My Old Man veröffentlicht. Sie ist Mitorganisatorin der monatlichen Lesereihe AHAB und der vierteljährlichen internationalen Reihe "Hafenlesung". 

Barre ist Mitglied im Writers Room Hamburg, ist Mitarbeiterin des jährlichen BBC Programms "Weekender", und arbeitet derzeit an einer Kurzgeschichten-Sammlung. Sie lebt in Hamburg.

Lubi Barre is a writer of poetry and short stories.

She published her story “Goodbye” in the anthology book “My Old Man”. She co-organizes the monthly reading series AHAB and well as the quarterly international reading series Hafenlesung. She is a member of the residency Writers Room, a yearly contributor to the BBC Weekender, and is currently working on a short story collection. 

She lives in Hamburg.



I’m very good at hiding 
I hide the knife you cut me with
When another look of contempt 
Rearranges your face 
I hide my thoughts that are too heavy for you to bear 
I tuck them tightly inside 
where even I forget them at times 
I hide your pain so you can feel lighter
And freer 
To achieve other things 
Like happiness
I hide your criticisms of me
Your wishes that I was another variation 
More, more, more
And sometimes less
I hide my articulation
So that only redundancy comes out 
My tongue no longer finding
the right words
I tell you I’m great at hiding 
I’ve hidden so much 
That I cannot find 
Even us


Silence silence silence 
His words tell me
Bind me
I ask in protest 
Can I not express myself?
His words agree
Yet his expressions deceive
Silence they repeat 
Your expressions and feelings 
Have no validation 
If you want to be heard
Then speak my language
Pretty up your feelings 
Your pain should always be lesser than mine 
I go to throw up my hands 
And realize 
They are bound