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___Festival 2016________________________________

Schamrock-Festival 2016 -
performance writing. short class in vienna

Heike Fiedler: performance-writing.
"take the word apart and perform a poem."

Freitag 21. Oktober 2016
Class presentation on 21 october 2016 during the Schamrock Festival, Literaturhaus Wien, Seidengasse 13, 1070 Wien

Against the background of sound and visual poetry and the process of cut-up (beat generation) we experiment with language, write poems, invent rules for their text production (oulipo), surf on the interface of sound and meaning.

Like in Mallarmé’s famous poem "un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard" the page shall be the stage for the words written, like in my literary practice the stage becomes the space of performative word-location.

Oscillating between singular and total text, between concept and improvisation I am looking forward already to the class presentation.
PS: Recordnigs of sounds and pictures on site (fieldrecordings via Handy) may become part of the work. All languages are welcome.

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In cooperation with the schule für dichtung Wien / vienna poetry schooln (sfd) and the House of Literature Vienna

Heike Fiedler

*1963. Writer, (sound) poet, performance artis, musician. grew up in Düsseldorf, lives and works in Geneva. Lic. hist. phil. (Uni Genf).
She uses a laptop, modul8, realtime-electronics and paper, at the nexus of orality and written form. She is presented at international poetry and music festivals.

Latest publication: sie will mehr, edition spoken script, 2013. mondes d'enfa()ce, Edition Zoé, 2015.

Heike Fiedler Performance Munich

Schamrock-Festival 2016 - Workshop

Anne Munka: Word-Sound Workshop

Workshop Pasinger Fabrik, München
Saturday, 11 to 14.30

workshop-presentation on the festival stage at 14.30.
with ⇒ Dine Doneff (double bass, Greece)

Language and music are the two acoustic phenomenaserving people for communication and social interaction. In her workshop Anne Munka shows possibilities how to translate the most intimate of reading a poem into a sound-sensitive form, thus enabling the participants to present poetry in a most direct way to the public while at the same time working activly on the text.

The participants learn about different concepts of improvisation, dealing with language, movement and sound. The workshop tries to encourage the use of voice and body to approach poetry in a playful way and discover new ways of how to treat words acoustically. Working with musical parameters of language (dynamics, rhythm, melody etc.) expands ones artistic vocabulary.

Elements of Free Jazz, Drama, pop music and rhythm are part of the process. Text becomes texture, a poem becomes a song, different speaker positions add plasticity and the voice turns into an instrument. This cooperation of poetry, sound art and music builds up positive tensions releasing fresh creative potentials. And: no special prior knowledge is needed.

The focus lies on two aspects of presenting poetry in a sound-oriented and performative way: the cooperation of reader and musician and improvising within a group. The sound-results of the workshop will be made available as download files afterwards. And there will be a presentation within the festival right afer the workshop.
Anne Munka will be supported by Dine Doneff on double bass.

Participants are invited to propose texts and send them until 23.10. per mail. Thank you!

Anne Munka
Studied Jazz singing/guitar, master of music in rhythm at the HfM "Carl Maria v. Weber" Dresden, Capital University, Columbus, USA. She founded the "Poetry is Happening"-Collective. She sang at various premieres (e.g. Wir Kassandra, dance theatre, Quicksilver, contemporary opera by Georg Graewe, Semperoper/HfM) and sang and composed for the a cappella formation "Wortart Ensemble" (Jacob-Grimm-Award for German Language 2015), cooperating also with Nora Gomringer. She produces radio plays and sound collages (Deutschlandradio Kultur).

She play bass, writes and sings with her indie rockband "ChinChinChopChop". In Dresden and Leipzig she organizes the series "Lyrik ist Happening". Anne Munka lives and works in Leipzig.

⇒ Dine Doneff mit Kunst oder Unfall, Sonntag 30.10., 20.30 Uhr