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___Festival 2016________________________________

Schamrock-Festival of Women Poets 2016 - Cooperations, partners and supporters

The organizers of the Schamrock-Festival would like to thank for their gerous support: Cultural departement of the City of Munich, the Women's Equality Board Munich, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the German republic, the Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art, the district of Upper Bavaria, the Pro Helvetia Switzerland, Robert Bosch Foundation, the Goethe Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, the Latvian Authors Unity, the Latvian State Cultural Fond, the Attaché of cultural affairs of the Embassy of the Rebublic of Indonesia Berlin, the Evangelic Migration Centre - The Greek House, der foundation Lyrik Kabinett, dem Yunus Emre Enstitüsü (Yunus-Emre Institute) Turkey, the Therese Literary Society Gesellschaft e.V., the Literary Foundation Bavaria, the German writers Foundation in Baden-Württemberg, the Greek Filmforum Munich e.V., the Grand Valley State Universty Michigan, USA, the Washington and Lee University, USA, the municipality of Krailling, the Book Agency Slovenia, and the Echt-Optimal Record Store Munich.

Cooperation partners are the Pasinger Fabrik Munich, the Munich literary archive Monacensia, Vienna Poetry School, the House of Literature Vienna, the Villa Waldberta Munich and Ebenboeck House Artists Residencies, the Grazer Authors Unity GAV, the Goethe Institute, the Lyrikwerkstatt Berlin/House of Poetry, and the bookstore Wortschatz.